How does NLP analyze big data?

Using the potential of data properly

Today, there are numerous applications for NLP – Natural Language Processing – in data analysis. Finding patterns in data and numbers, texts and images are becoming increasingly comprehensive and faster.

Automating the processing of large volumes of written or spoken texts brings speed to business processes. We specialize in the automation of standard processes that deal with the analysis and processing of digital texts.

We support our customers in extracting valuable information from large volumes of digital text data. The application areas range from the automation of work processes for clinical studies to chatbots and virtual assistants to sentiment analysis.

NLP supported processes create business added value

Increasingly, NLP solutions automate operational processes ranging from simple things like answering a question, to complex processes like processing gigabytes of unstructured data. Only the derivation of context from this data and the generation of terminologies enable the correlation of implicit connections and make them visible.

Our services with
Natural Language Processing

Content analysis

We analyze the potential in your data. 

You receive 
Data quality reports and an initial project roadmap.

Chatbot development

We teach your bot what your customers want to know.

You get
a bot that knows your goals and reliably implements them.

Document Generation

We summarize your texts at the push of a button.

You get
more time to pursue demanding tasks.

Benefits at a glance

› Analysis
Automation simplifies data analysis

› Data handling
Handling of large amounts of data

› Structuring
Simple structuring of data

› Reporting
Automated report generation

› Time saving
Less effort, faster results

› Archiving
Easier and clearer archive maintenance

Are you just producing data?
Or are you already using it?

What problem is to be solved? When should it start? What do you want to develop? The more detailed you can describe your project, the better. In this way, we can support you in the initial meeting without the obligation to find out which path the project can take.

This sparring helps you to start your project and to better understand what you really want.

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Why Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

NLP is a common subfield of linguistics and computer science that deals with the interactions between computers and natural language. By “natural” language here we mean language spoken by humans, as distinct from programming or machine languages.

After assessing the data, we combine the best of both worlds: the power of algorithms and our linguistic experience.

»For many years, L-One Systems has been our reliable partner for the automated analysis of large amounts of data and conversion into text form.«
– Dr. Barry Drees,
Senior Partner Trilogy Writing & Consulting

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Nicolai Schweizer, 
Business Development Manager

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