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Förderung von Startups durch Finanzierungsmodelle, Business Incubation Centers und staatliche Förderprogramme @ L-One Systems

Startup Hack: Finding The Right Funding Source

Especially in the early stages of starting a business, the issue of raising capital is important. There is a wide range of funding options – from external capital providers to government programs.

All funding models require that founders first clarify what the additional funds will be used for.

Applying for funding provides an excellent opportunity to clarify one’s business model. If the project is digital, the development model should also be put under the microscope.

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Lionel Born im Meeting mit Kollegen @ L-One Systems

Six Reasons Why Outsourcing Projects Fail

In IT outsourcing, external specialists develop individual software components or entire systems. Without them, engineering, mechanical engineering or device development lose out on the connection to digital ecosystems.

Lionel Born, founder and CEO of L-One Systems, knows from personal experience what pitfalls lurk in outsourcing projects and how they can be avoided.

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