How does a product discovery work?

Diamonds for
product success

Today, the development of digital products must adapt to the needs of users as well as to the ever-changing market. We provide the basis for the development strategy of your digital product.

Product discovery is an important part of targeted product development. We proceed according to the Double Diamond principle, which divides product development into two areas: Problem Space and Solution Space. First, the problem is decomposed.

1. Discover & Define

The first diamond captures the problem space. This helps to understand what the problem is instead of just guessing. This includes talking to the stakeholders of the product. The insights gained here to provide clarity, creating the structures necessary for product success.

2. Develop & Deliver

The second diamond enables cross-functional teams to come up with different answers to the previously clearly defined problem. In this way, innovative and at the same time, goal-oriented solutions can be created.

Start your Product Discovery

The results of your product discovery can yield technical adjustments, as well as targeted feature enhancements, the expansion of customer interfaces, or the creation of entirely new digital products.

» Get in Touch

The Product Discovery
lays the foundation for long success

1. Inital Call

Tell us about your digital product or product idea. We are always happy to learn about new innovative solutions and support them with our expertise.

2. Product Briefing

You give us the first impression of your product concept or digital idea. We listen and ask questions to describe the problem area in more detail.

3. Product Discovery Workshop

Together we look at and analyze your digital product from all sides and define requirements, goals and wishes for the overall product vision.

Why it is so important to really understand the problem space?

At the beginning of product discovery, we jointly lay the foundation for your product strategy and the associated product development. 

We carefully analyze the problem space in which we move together as a product team. Then, we determine what features your product needs – and actually needs – to capture the market and reach the target audience.  Also, we develop a common understanding of your product, the market, and the different user groups. 

Only when the common goal is clearly defined, we move into the solution space, set up project plans, and dedicate ourselves to the conceptual and technical implementation of your product.

The Product Discovery Workshop sparks your product development

1 challenge of the product idea
4 intensive hours 
1 group of your key stakeholders
1 team of L-One experts

= Roadmap for technical development

Your benefits at a glance

Create space
› You get a space to work out your product ideas and the internal and external partners involved in the development.

Condense form
› Your product is given contour. User groups receive suitable user stories on the basis of which features are defined. Your now compact product passes the eye of the needle before production. 

Validate vision
› You have the space, the time and the team to put your product vision to the test. ‘ Work out user groups and define functionalities.

Create roadmap 
› The features that are clear to add value can be created now. Your product can be programmed.

Things you take with you

At the end of the Product Discovery Workshop, your digital idea has a form that can be cast into software. Superfluous components have been removed, important features sharpened. 

»The two weeks leading up to the start of the project went incredibly well and smoothly. That was a huge plus, of course.«
– Vitaly Hilsendeger,
CEO & Founder Lylu GmbH

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