Software Development with L-One

Your business is ready to go. You are about to take off. Is your software ready, too?
Finding highly qualified developers is not easy these days. That is why L-One Systems offers you reinforcement by our development team. So your software fits your plan and you can quickly go to market.

Your backend completed, you are waiting for the frontend expert? 
Your software project runs the risk of standing still? We accelerate your development. The control remains in your hands.

You simply concentrate on core competences and running your business – we boost your software development.

Your benefit from
teaming up

Premium Employer Brand

L-One Damascus enjoys great recognition and loyalty.

Organisation by L-One Systems

We take care of the organistaional and administrative processes.

Talented and motivated staff

Outstanding IT talents with invaluable motivation.

Experienced Recruitment

We find and train people with the skills you require out of a big pool within a short time.

Additional Full-time power

Full-time employees for you to enhance the power and know-how of your own development team.

Time zone

Compared to offshore locations in East Asia, our location offers the advantage of a time difference of only one hour.


Your working culture sets the pace. We adopt your habits and operational development process.


Long-term commitment of dedicated remote developers.

Save Costs

Save fix costs and employment risks.

Cutting-edge Software

Expect no less than the delivery of cutting-edge software. Regular trainings assure that both inhouse and external teams remain in the loop of current development trends.

Developers of the connected teams profit from shared know-how.


Our IT stack covers these areas

Artifical intelligence

    • Natural Language Proceccing (NLP)
    • Machine Learning
    • Computer Vision

Back End

    • PHP
    • Python
    • Node.js
    • ASP.Net
    • Java EE
    • RESTful API

Cloud Computing, DevOps

    • Amazon Web Services
    • Computer Vision
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Google Cloud
    • Digital Ocean
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes


    • MySQL
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • PostgreSQL
    • MongoDB
    • Redis
    • SQLite


    • Java
    • C#

Mobile Development

    • iOS: Swift, Objective-C
    • Android: Java, Kotlin
    • Hybrid: Xamarin.Forms, Flutter

Front End

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery
    • Bootstrap
    • Typescript/Angular
    • Vue.js
    • React

A team tailored to your needs


With our Outstaffing service we offer you exactly the team you need. To ensure this, we put together your team individually according to your requirements.

For this purpose, our Offshore Manager will interview you specifically about your requirements and the needed technical skills of the team. Based on this information, we develop a job description which we compare with our existing talent pool in Damascus. If required, we cast further suitable candidates through our Offshore Assistants.

The most suitable candidates have to pass a challenging test task to verify their technical skills. Only the best candidates are then personally interviewed by our team.

Our Offshore Manager will select the top candidates from the remaining applicants, who you will also meet in a video call. Based on the interview, CVs and our evaluation, you can create your personal offshore team.

You will get the team you really need in usually within four weeks from your first inquiry to the final selection.

So, thanks to Outstaffing from L-One you can get started fast and efficiently.

Connecting external software developers with inhouse teams

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