Fallbeispiel: Mobile App für Precision Farming

Solorrow Karte auf Terminal Projekt L-One Systems

Feldbewirtschaftung für Morgen

Das Offshore Team von L-One unterstützt das Startup Solorrow schon von Beginn an bei der Entwicklung der Precision-Farming-App Solorrow. Entwickelt werden sowohl das Frontend (App side) als auch das Backend, das satellitengestützt landwirtschaftliche Felder erfasst, die Biomasseverteilung analysiert und darstellt. Die Solorrow-App ermöglicht Landwirten eine teilflächenspezifische Bewirtschaftung der Anbauflächen durch differenzierte Feldpotenzialkarten. Dadurch kann der optimale Saat- und Düngemitteleinsatz berechnet werden. Zonen die über Jahre hinweg ein geringeres Wachstumspotenzial aufweisen können identifiziert werden, genau wie Zonen mit durchschnittlich höherem Biomassewachstum.

Maehdrescher auf Feld
Die automatische Erkennung von Feldgrenzen steuert die Solorrow-App ebenso wie die Bestimmung von individuellen Feldpotenzialen

What the L-One team has developed
The Solorrow app can be downloaded as a SaaS application on tablets or smartphones. It does not require any additional software to get started and enables farmers to get started quickly and easily with precision farming.

Responsible for software development right from the start, the L-One team, together with the Solorrow team, found an agile, innovative form of project cooperation that is still transparent, flexible and creative despite the spatial distance.

»Some content appears“ lost in translation ”. If this happens, the developers in the offshore team make complicated issues understandable even for non-developers. «

Laura Stephan, Produktmanagerin, Solorrow GmbH

There is no employee with an IT background working in the operational team at Solorrow. 

Laura Stephan regrets that you don’t get to know each other personally: “It’s a shame for me. I attach great importance to a good interpersonal basis. However, this is compensated for by regular calls, in which the content is not exclusively about business, but also discusses intercultural content. This helps me to better understand the background and working methods. “

Das Solorrow Team im Messeeinsatz für die Precision-Farming-App

The cooperation with the L-One teams in Darmstadt and Damascus

The collaboration is mainly organized via Trello and as a Scrum process with weekly sprints. Communication in daily collaboration takes place via Slack. In addition, there are weekly jour-fixe appointments for meetings and sprint planning.

The process is very structured, but ad-hoc inquiries are also possible, answered quickly and short-term decisions can be implemented. The developers at L-One are reliable, professional and act independently and largely proactive.

Der Solorrow-Fahrmodus gestattet die teilflächenspezifische Feldbearbeitung per Applikationskarte auf dem Tablet

Results, plans for the future         
In November 2019, the Solorrow team won the Hessian founder award. The jury was won over by the uncomplicated use of the app, which allows farmers to analyze the yield potential of their fields with just a few clicks. Solorrow plans to develop an additional web interface for the app with the L-One offshore team.

» The cooperation with L-One in the development of the Solorrow app is professional and agile. Despite the physical distance, I know that our software is always in good hands. «

Laura Stephan, Produktmanagerin, Solorrow GmbH