We are L-One Systems

We drive your company’s digitalization

Your development team fortified by our team. We program high-quality software solutions.

Experienced IT Service Provider

We combine technical know-how with long-term, productive partnerships. For 10 years we have been supporting our customers by developing unique software.

Reinforced by our Offshore Team

Our offshore team strengthens your programmers. Together we develop solutions for a wide range of digital challenges.

Your goals are driving us

No matter what challenges you want to meet with a software solution, we at L-One are the right partner for you. We provide an affordable, high quality and trustworthy relationship to advance your development power.

Together with you, we analyze your personal requirements for a software solution and find the developer who meets your demands best. Of course the recruitment procedure is entirely in your hands.

We are happy to staff your IT team with highly trained talents from our Offshore Team.  

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Outstaffing customers can enlarge their software development team without having to hire directly.

What skills do you want to equip your team with? Our expertise ranges from AI to Xamarin.Forms.

We speed up processes by empowering your team for the creation of individual software solutions that solve your own or your customers’ problems.

Speak to our experts

Feras Tanan
Head of Outstaffing

Sarah Holschneider
Head of Natural Language Processing

Olaf Bertko
Business Development