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Passion for digital products drives us

L-One offers consulting, implementation, and enablement around the topic of digital product development. Our end-to-end service ensures the development of the concept to the delivery of a marketable product. We help our clients grow with their products.

Is your digital product development going too slowly or not at all? To keep up with the competition in web apps, mobile apps and software components, especially young or smaller companies can find new ways. We use proven methods and processes to move forward in a results-oriented way. With appropriate tech stacks, the tools to embed the benefits of the product for its users in the code. Plus a strategy for the nature of the project.

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The result can be a technical adaptation as well as a targeted functional enhancement, the extension of customer interfaces or the creation of a completely new digital product.

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for digital product development

We check your product concept for technical feasibility.

› You get
Knowledge from over 10 years of successful product development.

We bring your digital product to market.

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Important feedback and insights from your end users.

Why work with L-One Systems?
We make your passion our own

What drives us? Our drive is to enable the implementation of digital ideas. We had the problem of a lack of development capacity ourselves. Our offshore team was born out of this motivation. With our model, we enable digital products to be built and supported cost-effectively and over the long term. In this way, we make an important contribution to the startup ecosystem and the digitization of our economy.

What sets us apart? A focused approach combined with a deep immersion in the customer domain. At the same time, we share our knowledge with our clients’ internal teams.

For over 10 years, we have been realizing software products from digital ideas. As a partner for digital product development, we consider the entire product life cycle: from the initial vision to the MVP, to the marketable product, to the product line with various components. 

Your benefits at a glance

› Know-how
A cross-functional team of digitization experts expands your expertise.

› Speed
Proven processes ensure a fast project start and avoid unnecessary loops.

› Co-Creation
A good and aligned understanding provides clarity for the product scope to be developed between teams.

› Sparring
We use our expert knowledge to facilitate dialogue about your ideas from the product idea to release. This is how we drive development forward in a goal-oriented way.

› Flexibility
Quickly and easily scale your expert squad depending on the stage of development.

› Value-Engineering
Early integration of efficiency helps to avoid long product development cycles.

How we realize co-creation?
Listen. Thinking. Solve.

Co-creation is the joint development of a digital product or service. A process in which a wide variety of sub-disciplines work together in an orchestrated manner so that the end result is a product that offers the greatest possible added value for everyone involved.

The co-creation approach enables us to be the partner for every customer and in every phase of product development, driving further development with commitment and at eye level.  

Some Success Stories

Web front-end for geo-information service provider for smallholder farmers in East Africa

Mobile app for messaging along the value chain between growing and selling food.

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Connecting teams, setting goals

Since 2015, blink.it has made it its mission to improve the digital transfer of continuing education.The blink.it app offers an easy way to create online courses. The web app can be used regardless of device, time and location.

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Natural Language Processing partially automates clinical documentation

Documents in the field of drug approval require a high degree of readability and correctness.
The NLP team at L-One Systems has identified which parts of the clinical trial work processes can be automated and developed solutions.

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Nicolai Schweizer, 
Business Development Manager

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