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Outstaffing vs. Outsourcing: What’s the difference?​

When outsourcing the development of software, one company commissions another to carry out a digitalization project as a whole. In outstaffing, a company augments its internal development team with the development services of a remote team. Feras Tanan, Head of Outstaffing at L-One Systems, provides a broad overview of the main differences.

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Crop field in East Africa with little plants in rows

Case Study: Communication and Risk Warning by SMS

agriBORa founder Kizito Odhiambo needed a front end solution for a web app to support food production and marketing in East Africa. He continued to develop the backend with his own team. L-One Systems develops the graphical interface in this ongoing case.

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Solorrow card on terminal project by L-One Systems

Case Study: Mobile App for Precision Farming

For the start-up Solorrow, L-One Systems is developing a solution for farmers. Field potentials can be determined and optimized via app. The intuitive tool allows an easy entry into precision farming. The Client having no internal developers has special requirements for communication.

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Robot path planning and simulation platform L-One systems and Easyrob

Case Study: Robot Interface

The development of a platform for the integration of the Robotics kernel functionality for an intuitive robot programming and simulation system is an ongoing project of L-One Systems.

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Meeting with customer, 5 reasons for outstaffing @ L-One Systems

Five main Outstaffing Benefits

The IT job market needs professionals. Finding affordable high-quality resources has become a very challenging procedure taking time and effort. At L-One Systems we consider outstaffing to be more than a bottleneck solution.

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