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Evaluating service providers correctly –checklist with
22 questions

Differentiate good from bad service providers for collaborative software development before you start your project.

There should be answers to these 22 questions before deciding on a service provider. Request the list for free now (in German).

L-One in the press

StartupValley 02_22 Software development: outstaffing brings digital business models to success (GER)

» Mastering the balancing act between speed and quality in digital projects.


Computerwoche 11_21
Outstaffing? A new way for the strategic development of software (GER)

» Outsourcing vs. outstaffing, how to scale, take advantage, connect to digital ecosystems.

7 Fragen, 7 Essenzen 07_21
Lionel Born in the Founders Podcast by Daniel Parisi & Henrik Roth, 40 min (GER)

» Digitisation, public funding, exit negotiations and outstaffing.

Founderzone 06_21
Entrepreneurkurs: Lionel Born interwiewed by Robin Söder, Video 15 min

» Part 1: Success with digital ideas – start simple, build a team, let go, focus, grow purposefully.