#socialApp: Programming the Lylu Software

Project and Challenges

As a young start-up company, Lylu had just received funding. Therefore, additional developers were needed to push the scaling of the software. The remote teams at L-One was able to tackle this task quickly.

The idea behind the Lylu Tablet is to make it easy for senior citizens to access the internet. In addition to the video calls and mails, the features also include media use, reference books and online shopping, all united by a common user interface.

Network Teams, Start, Go ...

There were two weeks between the request and the start of the project. Initially, the app was based on a common codebase on the two operating systems Android and iOS. In order to adapt the code for the respective operating system, “middle software” was developed and inserted in each case. Especially at the beginning, this was more of a challenge. 

»The two weeks until the start of the project went incredibly well and smoothly. Of course, that was a huge plus.«

Vitaly Hilsendeger, Founder and CEO of Lylu GmbH

Usually, one developer takes care of iOS, and another of Android. Once the hybrid development approach was found, it was easy to process the tasks at hand.

A calm and clear user interface that runs through all apps ensures relaxed shopping without pop-up disturbances or advertising

Cooperation with the L-One Remote Teams

On the one hand, the cooperation takes place with the Customer Success Manager in Darmstadt, who clarifies organisational issues: holidays, sick leave or capacity issues. On the other hand, there is direct communication with the developers themselves, who conduct the Daily Scrum together with the Lylu development team. From Monday to Thursday, they discuss what was done yesterday and what needs to be done today. Separate meetings are scheduled for more extensive tasks that need to be clarified outside of the Scrum.

Results, Plans for the Future

The co-creation process between the teams has helped Lylu meet deadlines and speed up the overall software development process. Collaboration between the linked teams is now routine and future projects are being planned.

»The connection with the L-One team enabled us to increase our resources according to our needs within a very short time and to successfully reach the goal.«

Vitaly Hilsendeger, Founder and CEO of Lylu GmbH
The Lylu tablet from the founders in Darmstadt presents the most common internet content in a senior-friendly way. For this approach to digital participation, the team led by Vitalij Hilsendeger, Felix Beinenz and Sebastian Felger was awarded the Hessian Founders’ Prize 2021.

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