Belief in Transparency – Frequently Asked Questions

For successful software solutions, many questions need to be answered.

It is not the code developed alone that marks the quality of the software solutions, but the team that develops the software that meets the client’s exact goals, that ensures an efficient and cost-effective software development process, and that delivers high-quality results. A team that asks – and answers – the right questions.

Service Packages

We work with the most common front – and backend technologies and apply them in various industries, spanning from #AgTech via #HealthTech to #E-Learning and #Robotics and many other industries. Our fields of digital enablement.

In addition, we have recently experienced growing recognition for our › NLP solutions.

The possibilities are nearly limitless. To find out if we can accommodate your stack and technical needs, contact us and we can set up a non-binding › Check-up Call.  

At L-One we differentiate between three service packages: Development Support, Development Project, and Innovation Project. The difference between the three packages is the level of required technical know-how from the customer side.  

Development Support: Is your internal development team  working at full capacity? L-One's remote team brings acceleration and scaling to your software project.

Development Project: You have no in-house development capacity, but development know-how is there ? Remain product owner, L-One will provide the scrum master/squad lead and the development team.

Innovation Project: Software development is not part of your core business? The L-One team of technical experts, project managers, and developers will take care of the whole project. You will be kept in the loop on a regular basis.  

For more info, you can download our › ebook Kompass Softwareentwicklung.

Outstaffing is a form of Outsourcing in which in-house capacities are supplemented by external, remote experts. In Outstaffing, internal capacities are expanded and can accelerate the delivery of software solutions. The L-One Outstaffing approach aims to ensure that client and contractor act as equal partners and benefit similarly from the cooperation, for which we at L-One follow a Co-Creation approach. Read more here: Outstaffing vs. Outsourcing: What’s the difference?

Outsourcing is offered as part of L-One’s Innovation Project service package. This approach is best suited for non-technical companies without in-house expertise. The client commissions L-One to take care of the whole software project from A to Z. The finished solution is purchased together with the service that produces it. 
Find more
Softwareentwicklung durch Outsourcing.

L-One prioritizes quality over speed, which means that while we want your project to start as soon as possible, we believe that the key to a successful project is to allow time to agree on goals.

Defined processes and methodical procedures are important to successfully drive a project forward, especially with remote development processes.

This is why L-One carefully matches our in-house team to our customers' projects.
Setting up a project team can take up to 
30 days, but don’t worry – your customer success manager will always keep you up to date on the status of your project and she will guide you through the onboarding process:
 › Software Development with L-One Systems.

We charge our service based on daily rates. The rates depend on the actual service packages we agree on, the team size and team composition as well as the contract duration.

Our business model entails mutual interest and prevents employee leasing-like relationships at the benefit of both parties.

It is also in our mutual interest to have and keep the best experts in your project. Our developers become immersed in your technological context and ensure smooth and efficient progress towards the agreed outcomes.

Find a two minute video on how we develop software here: › Software Development with L-One Systems.


Generally speaking, your technical sparring partner is the Squad Lead. In case of non-technical questions, your Customer Success Manager will be happy to assist you.

The Customer Success Manager at L-One is the advocate for the customer and the SPOC (single point of contact) for business-related questions. They facilitate progress and work closely with other stakeholders at L-One to bring the optimal solution to your project and ensure that you are informed about any and all aspects of your project on a high level.  
Customer Success guides customers through the onboarding phase, processes requests as they come up, and supports customers along their L-One journey. › Meet the team …

Typically, a scrum master isn’t part of the development team, however, at L-One our squad lead often wears the scrum master’s hat and is responsible for technical project management, defining technical requirements, and organizing the sprint backlog.   

The project language is English.

Our developers are not only advanced at software development, but also at English. L-One has a special English program in which a native English instructor conducts a 2-hour-session several times a week for our developers, so we can assure you of great English communication skills. 

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, if you aren’t happy with what we’ve created together, then speak with your Customer Success Manager. They’ll help you actively look for solutions to improve the outcome of your project. 

How far you are involved in the project at a technical level depends on the serive package you choose. You can find more information about this under: L-One Service Packages. 

We like to see ourselves as a partner to our customers and avoid unnecessary costs whenever possible. While it can’t be guaranteed that no costs will occur with the cancellation of your contract, we don’t generally see it in our interest and will work closely with you to find a mutually satisfactory solution. 

L-One is happy to support you by sharing our links and resources on finding funding for start-ups and projects. If you need assistance or advice on how to best apply for funds, you can contact your Customer Success Manager, or you can read more on our post › Startup Hack: Finding The Right Funding Source. 

L-One takes data protection and the GDPR very seriously. For this reason, customer success works with customers to set up a compliance process for each project. This is to ensure that maximal transparency is offered to each stakeholder about where, why, and how data is being handled in all phases of the project. We understand Data Protection as part of our managed service offer. 

About L-One Systems

On most of our projects, we follow agile methods. Especially for remote collaboration in software development, defined processes and methodical procedures are important to successfully drive a project forward. We call our methodical approach adaptive Scrum.

Adaptive Scrum means for us to only apply the principles of any framework as far as they drive our customer’s project forward. This allows us to combine the use of proven methods – for example from Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking, and many more – in such a way that they also produce the desired outcome.

While the core of our development power is provided by our exclusive offshore partner L-One Software Applications LLC in Damascus, Syria, the core competence of our Darmstadt development team is in the area of automatic processing of text data – › Natural Language Processing.

In 2018 we were working on our own software solution and realized, we didn’t have the development power we needed to finish quickly enough. That’s when our head of Development, Feras Tanan, who is from Damascus himself, had the idea to recruit support from his alma mater, the University of Damascus.

This enabled us to 
do two great things; find affordable, high-quality development from one of the most prestigious universities in the middle east, and offer young, promising developers the opportunity to work on an exciting international project.

Today, we 
hire some of the best and brightest Damascus has to offer, and our customers profit from the same high quality we experienced when this all started.
Read more › Software Development with L-One Systems.

L-One’s management and exclusive partner staff bring over 15 years of project experience to the table and have worked on over 100 projects for companies across several business sectors. Find out what our customers have to say about our work and cooperate with us in our case studies. You can read › our reference cases here …

We are no agency for software development. Our purpose is to be the partner for digital product development. We aim to establish long-term relationships with our customers, build up know how together, and join (technical) forces for tackling the challenges of digitalization. Read here why our way of working distinguishes us from other outsourcing providers › Six Reasons Why Outsourcing Projects Fail.


While other agencies get hired for short-term software projects, like developing an app or website, we get hired to contribute to the core development of the products of our customers throughout the whole software life cycle.

The L-One service is not about providing a workforce that integrates into our customers’ organization. Instead, we agree on technical outcomes and roadmaps based on development models to enable success in the projects entrusted to us.

We look at the whole lifecycle of the software solutions we develop.

We use market standards as an orientation for our pricing. We work with our customers to make sure their technical needs are met while working within their budget. You are interested in building a digital product or a software component? You would like to envision or expand on your software idea? Contact us for a Check-up Call.

L-One Systems is a Darmstadt (Germany) based software company which has been founded in 2010 by Lionel Born. For more than ten years, it has been equipping startups, scaleups and increasingly young SMEs with individualized software solutions across all industries. A central core competence: the automated processing of text data – Natural Language Processing, NLP – for AI applications. 

The international and interdisciplinary team of digital experts supports customers in making their digital projects and products successful.  
Find more › about L-One.

Within the umbrella of our internal compliance system, we’ve set up control mechanisms to ensure that data is handled with the upmost confidentiality and within the rigorous expectations of the EUGDPR. Your customer success manager will regularly monitor your project and communicate with you about how your data is being used and what steps are being taken to protect it from mishandling. 

Read the essence of countless successful software development products in our › Kompass Softwareentwicklung. 

L-One Systems has been developing software solutions for over 10 years. Therefore, we know every moment of the software development cycle. Our goal for every cooperation is to offer first-class IT services. To achieve this, we have established reliable processes in all our procedures. This ensures clarity as well as transparency throughout every project step.  

To ensure a flawless coworking process, together with our customers we analyze the specific project requirements to identify the most appropriate set of methods and processes. The individual set of proven methodologies and standardized processes enable us to strive for efficient cooperation as well as to continuously deliver the success of our implemented software solutions in the in-house processes of our customers. 

We haven’t answered your question? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.