Five main Outstaffing Benefits

Why IT Projects profit from Outstaffing

In Damascus L-One Systems runs an offshore team with highly qualified software developers. We offer affordable software development power, managed by our team in Darmstadt. For our clients, we provide a transparent and trustworthy service and take over full responsibility for the availability and management of the staff for the projects entrusted to us.

Additionally, we ensure a smooth and continuous development of the outstaffing team: Our dedicated offshore HR management conducts monthly feedbacks with you and with the developers and adjusts plans for further training accordingly. 

Feras Tanan our head of Outstaffing with members of the programmer team in the Damascus location

Reducing fixed costs and a plus in flexibility are major advantages of outstaffing software development. L-One brings 10 years of experience in connecting teams for programming cutting edge software. 

At a glimpse, how digitalization projects benefit from outstaffing:

    1. Flexible IT development resources compared to permanent employment of IT experts and a rapid recruitment process.
    2. Tangible contact with the headquarter in Darmstadt.
    3. A well trained remote team adapting to your working culture: the offshore developers become part of your team.
    4. L-One consists of IT experts and keeps always up to date with the latest developments in the digital sector.
    5. Benefit from significant savings in time and cost spendings.
Did you hire software developers in Germany already? Or tried finding the person with the right skills and character to fit your team? The very good developers everyone is looking for are increasingly difficult to find at the German labor market.

»The outstaffing at L-One Systems guarantees you dedicated developers who become part of your on-site team and adopt your working culture. This ensures both, long-term success and an opportunity of sustainable growth of your business.«

Feras Tanan, Head of Outstaffing at L-One
Look into booking your development power through us. We provide the candidates you are looking for and take over full responsibility for the availability of the staff for your project.

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