#FinTech: Master data management for Speedy cash register from movus and mtmax

Advancing Web Based Master Data Management for Checkout Kasse Speedy

movus’ goal in digitalization is to develop and offer customized, modular and flexible solutions in a customer-oriented manner.

One special area has been the distribution of smart cash register systems for several years. In cooperation with mtmax, a lean and easy-to-use all-in-one solution was developed that is now used by a large number of small and medium-sized businesses.

For the payment process, Kasse Speedy quickly takes orders, prints receipts or rebooks tables. Separate payments are no problem. The user always keeps track of open receipts.

Das movus Team entwickelt aus dem Zentrum von Wien sehr unterschiedliche IT Lösungen. Die movus Köpfe von links nach rechts: Christian Gerwig, Eduard Ulrich, Lukas Ulrich.
From the heart of Vienna the movus team develops very different IT solutions. The movus heads from left to right: Christian Gerwig, CEO Eduard Ulrich, Lukas Ulrich.

Project and Challenges   

In the course of the partnership between mtmax and movus and based on feedback from customers, the companies decided to expand the portfolio. This resulted in, among other extensions, the feature SpEasy, an advanced master data management on the web that allows for quick and easy processing of POS data.

On the recommendation of mtmax, movus chose L-One as its implementation partner.

With the support of L-One, the range of functions is to be expanded and thus added value developed for the customers.

The biggest challenge is to convince the customers of the functions for the additional product SpEasy as an extension to the cash register Speedy.

How is the solution implemented and used?

The solution is used as Software as a Service (SaaS) and can therefore be used across platforms.

»There is excellent cooperation and open communication between the teams. Requests, suggestions, and changes are dealt with quickly and efficiently.«

Eduard Ulrich, CEO and Managing Director of movus

Results, plans for the future    
Initial customer reports are very positive, the product is well received and wishes and suggestions reach movus for future developments. These are accepted, evaluated according to the frequency of requests or importance and implemented as required.

In any case, it is clear to movus that they will carry out follow-up projects with L-One.