What is a full-fledged MVP?

Fast MVP solution –
but while using our heads

To bring your product vision to life, the L-One Expert Squad takes a user-centric approach that we combine with lean development principles. This gives you timely insights into your hypotheses and allows you to target and build your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) into a sustainable product.

We provide you with experts who create the first ready-to-use product from your product concept in 4-6 sprints. We take responsibility for the technical product development and bring in our IT know-how as well as our hands-on mentality. This is how we bring the code to your digital idea.

What makes your MVP?

Whether you already have a first concept or not – we look forward to your idea and are happy to share our knowledge. Let's build something unique together!

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How we develop MVPs

The idea behind an MVP is to go to market with a first product version to validate important theses and gain experience. The key here is to follow these rules of the game:

› Communication
A clearly defined, shared set of expectations determines the success of remote team collaboration. A shared understanding of the direction to take leads to better team performance ensures product success in the marketplace.

›  Co-Creation
Technical sparring of your MVP concept by our experts leads to an improved and more robust overall concept. The assessment of the project scope, as well as the creation of a roadmap with an elaborated implementation plan, ensure a smooth development start.

› Value Engineering
Prioritizing quality and effectiveness is a foundation for success. A ready-to-use MVP that passes the user test should already have a sustainable, system architecture. Maintenance and further development can be easily scaled and implemented according to budget thanks to our value engineering approach.

The innovation framework we set is based on these three basic principles, which all digital problem solvers should adopt in order to work as effectively as possible.

Why develop MVPs with L-One

› Projekt communication
A well-rehearsed team including a personal squad fine-tunes your product ideas before the development sprints begin. This exchange between the participants avoids unrealistic expectations.

› MVP success
Your product can be developed and validated. In operation with real users, you can now test your product idea to see if it exists in the market.

› Development partner, Co-Creation
The co-created hypothesis is implemented by a team of trusted and cross-functional digital experts.

Value Engineering
Success is measurable. Proven feedback processes and short development cycles enable sound investment decisions.

Sustainably developing
digital products

Low Code, No Code, or rather Pro Code? The idea behind the MVP is to go to market with the first product version as quickly as possible. Why? Important theses can be validated directly by real users and create valuable user feedback for further product development. 

Depending on the product or problem, an MVP can be anything: an elaborate AI solution or a front-end with just a few clickable features. “Low code” or “no-code” solutions also offer very fast solutions at the beginning, but unfortunately are often not sustainable.

If the MVP passes the first user tests, these solutions often do not offer the possibility to implement additional features and thus expand the MVP into a full-fledged SaaS solution.

We are happy to help you with
the realization of your MVP

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»The collaboration with L-One in the development of the Solorrow app is professional and agile. Despite the physical distance, I know our software is in good hands at all times.«
– Laura Stephan,
Product Manager Solorrow

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