Natural Language Processing Solutions

Making the right use of the potential of big data

With Natural Language Processing Solutions (NLP), companies accelerate internal processes and gain valuable insights from large volumes of written or spoken text.

Increasingly, companies are automating operational processes with NLP solutions. Natural Language Processing is also used to identify patterns and context in unstructured text data. The insights gained can be used, for example, to derive robust recommendations for action or process improvements.

Our NLP experts are happy to support you in finding the right solution for your company and implementing it in customized software.

How your company can benefit from Natural Language Processing Solutions

Content analysis

We analyze the potential in your data.

What you get?

Data quality reports and an initial Project Roadmap.

NLP Chatbot Development @ L-One Systems

Chatbot development

 We teach your bot what your customers really want to know.

What you get?

A bot that knows your goals and reliably implements them.


Document Generation

We summarize your texts at the push of a button.

What you get?

More time to pursue challenging tasks.

We’ll send you information about further NLP solutions on request

Find the right NLP solution for your business

The applications of Natural Language Processing (NLP) Solutions are many and varied. Two more examples:

    • Automatically merge information from different sources into one document
    • Evaluate customer feedback, survey responses or social media comments in a time-saving way
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Would you like to know how you can best advance your business with the help of NLP solutions? We are happy to advise you.

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Meeting of the L-One NLP team

In sechs Schritten durch das NLP Projekt

› Schritt 1: Analyse
Fachwissen/Fachsprache aufbauen

› Schritt 2: Datenhandling
Umgang mit großen Datenmengen

› Schritt 3: Strukturierung
Einfache Strukturierung der Daten

› Schritt 4: Reporting
Automatisierte Erstellung von Berichten

› Schritt 5: Zeitersparnis
Weniger Aufwand, schnellere Ergebnisse

› Schritt 6: Archivierung
Leichtere und klarere Archivpflege

How we develop customized Natural Language Processing Solutions

At the beginning of the project, our NLP experts take an in-depth look at the domain and the individual challenges of your company. A special focus is on analyzing the existing text material for company-specific knowledge and terminology.

This is the only way to develop an NLP solution that is tailored to the individual requirements of your company.

After evaluating the available data, our team of experts combines the power of state-of-the-art algorithms with linguistic expertise to implement the project.

Get advice in an initial no-strings call

You want to learn how you can use the potential of Natural Language Processing Solutions in your company?

You want to clarify whether NLP is suitable for your use case and how you can drive your project forward?

Sarah Hohlschneider, Head of NLP at L-One, will be happy to advise you in an initial no-strings call.

Sarah Hohlschneider, Head of NLP at L-One

Sarah knows pitfalls and traps in NLP projects – and how to avoid them. For five years she has been heading the NLP team of L-One.

Customer Testimonials

»For many years, L-One Systems has been our reliable partner for the automated analysis of large amounts of data and the conversion into text form.«
– Dr. Barry Drees,
Senior Partner Trilogy Writing & Consulting
»Als Expertenteam für den NLP-Bereich unserer Lernplattform, sorgt L-One für eine schnelle und immer fehlerfreie Anbindung des Chatbots.«
– Yannick Melameka,
Gründer und CEO Nitrexo

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Clinical trial reports are an important component in the drug approval process. To speed up the approval process, Trilogy Writing & Consulting has developed an NLP solution that automates the report generation, together with the L-One team.

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