NLP – Natural Language processing

Artificial intelligence and language assistants in smart devices are the primary topics people associate with Natural Language Processing (NLP).

NLP can do much more. 

The NLP team at L-One Systems introduce automation to facilitate the analyzation of large amounts of data. Be it research studies, reports or reviewing incoming emails – Natural Language Processing eases data handling.

How NLP works

Your benfits from NLP


Data volumes can be automatized

Work time

Less work/time required


Simple sructuring of the data


Automated data analysis


Automated report generation


Easier archive maintenance

How our NLP Team works

In a personal consultation the L-One NLP team analyse which parts of your work process can be digitalized.
We deep dive into your structural situation to wholly understand your individual challenges. Our NLP team will then use this concentrated knowledge to frame the solution of your needs.

Our goal: The development of an NLP software solution that is individually tailored to your company’s specific requirements.

We involve you in every planning step. You always overlook our transparent development status.


Artifical Intelligence

Today AI and the Internet of Things make huge data collection processes possible. Both combined allow us to find patterns in data like numbers, texts and images. In this computers already outperform humans in speed and accuracy.

Software solution involving AI are complex but worth the effort. With you we analyze which solutions meet your requirements best and provide the most efficient solution.  We look at the data combining the best of both worlds: the power of algorithms as well as the experience of our NLP team.

Let’s  examine how your company can benefit from AI.

Software development

Good software combines form and function. The handling of the software must be adapted to meet specific purposes. Our team will be happy to help you with the development of of your software solution.

We can develop your software by

  • enlarging your developer team with highly skilled software engineers from our team in Damascus
  • investigating what is possible with NLP and how it could be beneficial in your business
Let us advise you individually. Are you a startup with the need of bootstrapping your product? Or a SME company looking for a fresh start with a new idea? Or a stock listed giant with the need for speed? We will find your software solution.

Meet us in person

Feras Tanan
Head of Outstaffing

Sara Holschneider
Head of NLP

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Business development