How does software development work today?

Development with
Method & Creativity

In most of our projects we work with agile methods: short iteration cycles followed by quality tests, lead to a smooth development.

How we do it? Regular calls with our expert squads provide insights on progress in the project. The matrix structure of our team ensures the use of the most useful tech stacks. The co-creation approach we follow involves customers in the project at eye level.

We attach great importance to methods and processes. What sets us apart from others is that we don’t see them as a rigid corset, but as a framework that gives us room for creativity and innovation to react quickly to changing customer and market requirements.

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How we work

Especially in remote collaboration in software development, defined processes and methodical approaches are important to successfully move a project forward. We call our methodological approach adaptive Scrum.

Adaptive Scrum means that we apply the principles of a framework only as far as they drive our client’s project. This allows us to combine the use of proven methods – for example from Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking and many more – in such a way that they also lead to the desired result.

Software Consulting
in three steps


Analysis of your business processes and specific IT landscape


Determination of technical requirements and proposal of customer-specific solutions.


Our deep dive allows us to develop digital concepts tailored our the client’s needs.

Want to get more traction in your software development? We can help you do that.

We build highly effective and motivated teams of experienced software engineers who are committed to the L-One work culture and bring their cross-functional expertise to your own development team.

Our core principles of co-creation and value engineering lead to transparent and cost-effective collaboration based on commitment and trust. This is what smart software development should look like – and on a sustainable basis.

»Technology is and remains our biggest challenge in software development. We have found a good partner in the development team at L-One.«
– Michael Witzke,
Founder& CEO

What is your idea? So far, we've enabled digital innovations in these areas


Setting up and developing an innovative AI system to automate the reporting about clinical studies.


Strategic Innovation Partner
→ Natural Language Processing, Python, AI/Expert Systems, Machine Learning


Development of SaaS precision farming solution. Backend development for an agricultural digital advise service.

Software Development Partner
→ Front End, Back End, Database, Mobile, iOS, Xamarin


Invoicing and book-keeping for freelancers. Automatic receipt collection and digitalization.

Software Development Partner
→ Cloud Computing, PHP, RESTful API, Java, Kotlin


Developing an open CAD-based robot path planning and simulation platform on top of the existing robotics kernel.

Software Development Partner
→ Human-robot interface (HRI), CAD, OOP structure, OpenGL library, OCCT


SaaS for creating digital learning content. Interface for facilitate access to digital content and communication.

Software Development Partner
→ PHP, Node.js, ASP.Net, Java EE, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, SQLite, JavaScript frameworks

#MVP Dev.

Creation of user journey maps for defined interfaces. Development of UX/UI for frontend components.

Software Development Partner
→ UX/UI to improve interaction and user experience for wireframes & interactive prototypes

Evaluating service providers correctly –checklist with
22 questions

Differentiate good from bad service providers for collaborative software development before you start your project.

There should be answers to these 22 questions before deciding on a service provider. Request the list for free now.

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