Outsourcing Software Development: Many Paths Lead to the Goal

How to Develop Software?

The IT landscape has changed rapidly with the shortage of IT professionals: While it used to be common practice to build up an internal team of developers, today internal capacities are often at capacity or do not have the necessary technical know-how to drive the new developments needed.

It is worth taking a look at models for outsourcing IT projects. We have published the Kompass Softwareentwicklung (in German) that helps those responsible for development projects to find the best way for their company.

Even though in-house development offers many advantages: such as proximity to the company, employees who know the projects and dedicated teams with very short communication channels. The timely implementation of digital ideas often turns into a slow affair with the search for developers, which can take up to 6 months1.

IT sourcing models are not new, but they are diverse. Sometimes it is because of the path taken beforehand that a client has to have the software rebuilt because they realise that the wrong technology, the wrong tech stack or even the wrong project form was used at the beginning. A goal that was not clearly defined at the beginning also brings stumbling blocks into the project. The software development model should fit your company just like the digital product itself.

Different Project Types for Software Development

Which is the right software development model? Outsourcing or outstaffing? What criteria make a reliable remote team? And how do I decide what is important to me for the development of my project?

At L-One, we distinguish between three development models that provide orientation even before the start and, depending on the corporate structure of the client, contain more outstaffing or more outsourcing components.

From the software compass: Service packages for different project types as a basis for the successful implementation of a digitisation project.

3 Software Entwicklungsmodelle nach Unternehmenstyp @L-One Systems
Development support, development project, innovation project: The decision for a development model depends on various factors. How close is the project to the core business? What is its strategic importance? What criteria should it fulfil and which IT sourcing model best ensures this?

In the Beginning is the Goal

In order to achieve the desired goal, the goal should be set at the beginning of the software project. The approach should always follow a solution orientation. This does not require a development partner who works through the agreed 200 man-days. It needs to be someone who takes the time to understand the business objectives and then pulls in the same direction. 

Our offshore team enables our clients to gain momentum comparatively cheaply, but more importantly in an oriented way, to scale validated business models. This can take the form of outsourcing or outstaffing.

Outsourcing der Softwareentwicklung:Kompass_Softwareentwicklung_L-One_Systems
The L-One software compass (in German) serves as a compass for how much-needed software development can succeed when there is a lack of in-house developers. Which development models help here, tips on sourcing projects, and connecting teams are just as much a topic as hacks that help digital ideas get off the ground. An overview of funding programmes rounds off the guide.

From Idea to Project

Precise preparation in the early phase prevents misunderstandings with external development service providers during project setup. For concrete support, the software compass contains a list of questions that should be answered before awarding a contract. We describe tips for early recognition of difficulties in development projects in our blog.

Like a compass as an indispensable companion on a hike, the Compass Software Development supports navigation through digital projects with useful tips and tools

How companies can benefit from the different approaches to remote development and how they can best approach them can be found in the Kompass Softwareentwicklung (in German). It answers the various questions that arise around the topics of outsourcing vs. outstaffing. It serves as a compass and offers orientation, resources, tips and hacks for the process from digital idea to software.